Key features

  • Inspect the game objects hierarchy outside the Unity Editor

  • Get object’s components, assemblies, methods, fields and properties without access to the source code

  • Interact with your game from AltUnity Inspector using keyboard, mouse, touchscreen and joystick actions

  • Display different scenes or levels; the hierarchy objects are wrapped within a scene object

  • Control the speed of the game

  • Search the hierarchy of objects by selectors

  • Scenes can be loaded or unloaded in a single or additive manner

How it works

In order to test your application you need to create an instrumented build of your Unity App. The instrumented build opens a communication protocol which gives you programmatic access to objects inside your Unity App.

AltUnity Pro Alpha


  • AltUnity Tester Unity Package - tool for instrumenting your game.

  • AltUnity Driver (C#, Python, Java) - bindings for C#, Python and Java to write your tests.

  • AltUnity Pro Alpha - the proxy module that binds the drivers with the instrumented game, and AltUnity Inspector tool for interacting with the instrumented build and exploring the hierarchy of the unity objects.