Release notes

V. 1.3

New Features

  • Scenes can be loaded both in single or additive mode using the Manage Scenes modal. Load single means that the selected scene is loaded and the others scenes unloaded. Load additive means that the new scene is loaded without unloading any currently loaded scene.

  • The latest five connections are saved and displayed within the connection modal in the following format IP : port. This allows users to select from a list of past connections, instead of introducing the IP and port every time.


  • Click, tap and press commands were refactored

  • Error logs are displayed without refreshing or performing any other action

  • A few display issues for fields and properties were fixed

  • The hierarchy remains scrolled into the expected view after scenes are changed or Inspector is refreshed

V. 1.2

New Features

  • Objects hierarchy can be searched by every selector from AltUnity Tester (name, text, id, tag, layer, component, path) . This makes it possible to verify from the AltUnity Inspector if a selector is correct, highlight and navigate through the matching objects

  • Object path is displayed on the element details area. This can be copied directly to By.PATH method to quickly locate elements.

  • AltId, a unique object identifier generated by AltUnity Tester. It is displayed on the element details area and it can be used with the By.ID selector.


  • Scene is added as an additional wrapper to the objects hierarchy which on right click opens a context menu displaying the Expand all and Collapse all options.

  • Objects selected on the screenshot area, are expanded and brought on focus in the hierarchy area as well

  • Horizontal scrollbar added in logs area

  • Memory improvements

  • Layout improvements for property and field lists so the content will not overlap

  • Minor theme and layout inconsistency fixes

Some newly added features are only supported by AltUnity Tester 1.6.3. But this version of Inspector also works with 1.6.2 , 1.6.1 and 1.6.0.

V. 1.1

  • We improved the click and select functionalities in the screenshot area. In some scenarios, objects could not be selected/clicked from the screenshot area or were not correctly highlighted in the objects hierarchy.

  • We limited the size of the scrollbar to be always visible.

  • We adjusted the log system to handle a large number of logs without affecting the performance.

  • We increased the timeout duration for command sending to 10 seconds and removed duplicated commands to have fewer chances to encounter socket exceptions.

Works with AltUnity Tester 1.6.2 , 1.6.1 and 1.6.0

V. 1.0

New Features

  • New actions to interact with the game

  • Zoom in/out functionality on the screenshot area

  • Logs, to make the support easier

  • Settings page


  • Better access to object information through an improved structure of both the object hierarchy and details area

  • Performance optimizations for image quality, frame-rate and loading time

  • Connection fixes between AltUnity Inspector and games running on mobile devices

  • Layout changes to improve the UX

alpha version