UI Components

Game Screen Area

Game screen

A screenshot of your game is displayed and updated to reflect the current state of the game. You can interact with it using mouse, keyboard, touchscreen and joystick operations

  • Live Update: Enables/disables automatic game updates. When this is on, refreshing the screenshot is done automatically.

  • Image Quality: in order to enhance performance, quality can be updated.
    Values the user can choose from are 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

  • Time Scale: controls the speed of the game. If it is set to 0 then the game stops.

  • Refresh: updates the screenshot, to reflect the current state of the game. It can be used only when live update = OFF, as with live update ON the screenshot is auto-updated.

  • Action: different actions, when selected, affect how the interaction with the screenshot works:

    • Select Object: Selects and highlights an element from the screenshot to inspect its properties. When live update is ON, objects can be selected only from the hierarchy area. The highlight color can be changed from Settings page.

    • Swipe/Tap:Interacts with the screenshot simulating touchscreen actions.

    • Click/Press: Interacts with the screenshot using the mouse and keyboard.

Game elements breakdown screen

Game Objects Hierarchy Area

All Objects from the selected scene of the game are displayed in a hierarchical manner.

  • Search: you can search for a specific element By.Name, By.Text, By.Id, By.Tag, By.Layer, By.Component, By.Path.

  • Element Breakdown Section: contains all the elements from the currently selected scene. Elements are wrapped in one element having the name of the scene.

  • Expand All: expands and displays all the nested objects from the hierarchy.

  • Collapse All: collapses the child objects from the hierarchy.

  • Expand all children: expands all elements that are children of the right-clicked element.

  • Collapse all children: collapses all elements that are children of the right-clicked element.

  • Manage Scenes: you can choose to load/unload scenes in single/additive manner

Game Element Details Area

Game element details screen
Game element details screen

Details about a selected element like name, id, coordinates, components and many more are displayed here.

  • Contains the following information:

    • Name

    • Id

    • World Coordinates

    • Screen Coordinates

    • Path

    • AltId, a unique Id generated by AltUnity Tester for elements that are already in the scene, before building the app

    • Component and Assembly of the selected element

  • Camera can be changed by clicking on Main Camera dropdown if having multiple cameras in the Scene.

  • Opening a Component will display the following:

    • Methods

    • Fields

    • Properties


Game element details screen
  • Theme: change between Dark and Light themes.

  • Max framerate: The number of commands made per second.This should be set depending on the processing power. The higher the framerate is set, the faster the commands are executed.

  • Show disabled objects

  • Run Live Update in background:

    • Disabled: Live update works only when Inspector is in focus.

    • Enabled: Live update works also when inspector is in the background. It allows you to interact with the game and see the actions reflected in inspector.

  • Collapse new hierarchy elements at refresh

  • Highlight Color: sets the color used to highlight a selected element. Both elements in the Game Element Area and Live Screen will use this color. To Close the color picker you need to click on the colored box next to the “Highlight Color” label.

  • Highlight width

  • Zoom when Live Update on: When enabled, zooming in and out on the screenshot area also works when Live Update is on. On a Mac, use the scroll up and down gesture on your touchpad to zoom in and out.