First off, thank you for considering contributing to AltUnityTester.

Leave a review

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Did you find a bug?

Ensure the bug was not already reported by searching all issues.
If you’re unable to find an open issue addressing the problem, open a new issue

When you ask a question about a problem you will get a much better/quicker answer if you provide a code sample that can be used to reproduce the problem.

Try to:

  • Use as little code as possible that still produces the same problem.

  • Provide all parts needed to reproduce the problem (code and model if needed).

  • Test the code you’re about to provide to make sure it reproduces the problem.

How to suggest a feature or enhancement?

If you find yourself wishing for a feature that doesn’t exist in AltUnityTester:

  • Ensure the enhancement was not already reported by searching all issues.

  • Open a new issue. Be sure to include a clear description of the feature you would like to see, as much relevant information as possible:

    • Why you need it?

    • How should it work?

Merge Requests

Simply create a merge request taking in consideration the following:

  • Respect the project structure

  • If it is a new feature like a new command try to make it for all three languages(Java, C# and python) and also tests

  • If it is a bugfix then write a test to show that the bug is no longer reproducible

  • Write a description of what you did

  • Target with the merge request: Development branch and not the master branch

  • Assign one of the maintainers to review the merge request