It is used in find objects methods to set the criteria of which the objects are searched.
Currenty there are 6 type implemented:

  • Tag - search for objects that have a specific tag

  • Layer - search for objects that are set on a specific layer

  • Name - search for objects that are named in a certain way

  • Component - search for objects that have certain component

  • Id - search for objects that has assigned certain id (every object has an unique id so this criteria always will return 1 or 0 objects)

  • Path - search for objects that respect a certain path

Searching object by path

The following selecting nodes, attributes and attributes are implemented:

  • object - Selects all object with the name “object”

  • / - Selects from the root node

  • // - Selects nodes in the document from the current node that match the selection no matter where they are

  • .. - Selects the parent of the current node

  • * - Matches any element node

  • @tag -

  • @layer -

  • @name -

  • @component -

  • @id -

  • contains -

How a correct path should look like:


//Button - Returns every object named button in the scene 
//*[@tag=UI] -Returns every object that is tagged as UI
/Canvas//Button[@component=ButtonLogic] - Return every button who are in an canvas that is a root object and has a component name ButtonLogic
//*[contains(@name,Ca)] - Returns every object in the scene that contains in the name "Ca"