This documentation is deprecated and should no longer be used.

Please, check the new documentation at, which is being actively maintained.

Also note that all projects related to AltWalker were moved from GitLab to GitHub, you can find the new projects at

  • Pythons: Python 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, PyPy3

  • Platforms: Unix/Posix and Windows

  • PyPI package name: altwalker




On Windows, make sure you add Python and Python Scripts in the Path from System Variables:

  • C:\Python<version>\ (e.g., C:\Python39\)

  • C:\Python<version>\Scripts\ (e.g., C:\Python39\Scripts\)

And your local Python Scripts directory in the Path from User Variables:

  • C:\Users\<user-name>\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python<version>\Scripts\


AltWalker relies on GraphWalker to generate paths through your model(s).

AltWalker uses the GraphWalker CLI, the CLI is a standalone jar file. You need to have Java 11 installed to be able to execute the jar file.

You need to download GraphWalker CLI from GitHub Releases and create a script to run the jar file from the command line. We recommend downloading the latest version of GraphWalker CLI.

To install GraphWalker you can run the following command:

$ wget && \
  mkdir -p ~/.graphwalker && \
  mv graphwalker-cli-4.3.1.jar ~/.graphwalker/ && \
  echo -e '#!/bin/bash\njava -jar ~/.graphwalker/graphwalker-cli-4.3.1.jar "$@"' > ~/.graphwalker/ && \
  chmod +x ~/.graphwalker/ && \
  ln -s ~/.graphwalker/ /usr/local/bin/gw

Here is a more detailed tutorial for macOS/linux.

After installing GraphWalker check that you installed the correct version:

$ gw --version
org.graphwalker version: 4.3.1-6273494

org.graphwalker is open source software licensed under MIT license
The software (and it's source) can be downloaded from
For a complete list of this package software dependencies, see

Currently the latest version is:

org.graphwalker version: 4.3.1-6273494

Install altwalker

To install altwalker run the following command in your command line:

$ pip3 install -U altwalker


$ python<version> -m pip install -U altwalker

Check that you installed the correct version:

$ altwalker --version
AltWalker, version 0.3.1

Living on the edge

If you want to work with the latest code before it’s released, install or update the code from the develop branch:

$ pip3 install -U git+

Install .NET Core (Optional)

.NET Core is required by AltWalker when you want to write your tests in a .NET supported language.

  • Install .NET Core Runtime - enables AltWalker to execute compiled tests. Preferred in production environment.

  • Install .NET Core SDK - enables AltWalker to use dotnet to compile and run your tests. Preferred in development environment.

The dotnet command needs to be available under /usr/bin/dotnet. Installing .NET Core with snap makes the dotnet command available under a different path. In this case create a symbolic link:

$ ln -s /path/to/dotnet /usr/bin/dotnet